Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Whitened Teeth

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Teeth whitening treatment can give you a boost of confidence whenever you flash your smile. As effective as teeth whitening can be, though, it cannot prevent the accumulation of future stains. The dulling of a bright smile often happens because of common daily habits, so by making changes to these behaviors, you can keep your teeth white and beautiful for as long as possible.

Stop Smoking
Cigarettes, pipes, and other tobacco products can cause a myriad of problems. Not only can smoking put you at risk for several types of oral cancer, but also it can quickly undo the effects of your teeth whitening treatment. These products contain tar, a sticky substance that can adhere to tooth enamel and cause your smile to turn an unsightly yellow or brown. These stain deposits can be especially difficult to remove with brushing and flossing alone, so to maintain your smile, make today the day you stop smoking for good.

Cut Back on Coffee
Tobacco isn’t the only substance known for causing tooth discoloration. Even if you don’t smoke, you may yet be contributing to the dulling of your teeth with your drinking habits. Coffee is a widely consumed beverage, but it also is one of the major sources of tooth stains. In fact, any darkly colored drink, including black tea, cola, and red wine, can leave deposits on teeth enamel and gradually fade their white hue.

Get Regular Cleanings
You may be meticulous about avoiding tobacco products and stain-producing beverages, but are you brushing as often as you should? What many people do not realize is that a bright smile can turn dull from the buildup of plaque, the substance that also contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. Consistent brushing and flossing can remove plaque in its earlier stages, but should it evolve into tartar, it becomes resistant to at-home oral hygiene practices. Only a dentist can get rid of tartar, so be sure to keep up with your biannual dental cleanings.

Sanford Dental Excellence wants you to have the gorgeous and healthy smile you deserve. Our Sanford office offers a wide range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. To find out how we can help you enjoy good oral health, call (407) 268-6409.

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Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

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The exterior of your tooth may be made of hard enamel, but the interior of it houses blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues. When tooth decay progresses without treatment, it can penetrate this part of the tooth and infect it. Should the infection grow unchecked, it can create an abscess at the root of the tooth.

An abscessed tooth often presents noticeable warning signs. The infection can lead to a swelling of the tissues around the tooth. It may also trigger pain when pressure is applied to the tooth. In some cases, discomfort may persist regardless of activity. These symptoms indicate the need for immediate dental care. A dentist can assess the situation and determine the best course of treatment. To save the tooth, root canal surgery may be necessary. This procedure can remove the infected tissues and seal the tooth to prevent future problems.

Are you battling a persistent toothache? Then call (407) 268-6409 to speak with the dental experts at Sanford Dental Excellence. Our team of caring and capable professionals offers comfortable root canal services for the Lake Mary and Sanford communities.

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The Relationship Between Gum Disease and Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition that impacts blood sugar levels. Though a metabolic disease, diabetes can have far-reaching complications on other bodily systems because it disrupts the balance of substances in the bloodstream. In particular, diabetes can affect oral health. Research shows that people with diabetes often suffer from gum inflammation, which can lead to gum disease. Gum inflammation occurs in part because of bacteria in the mouth. Because diabetes can weaken the immune system, this condition can make it more difficult to fight infections leading to gum disease. High blood sugar levels may also make it easier for bacteria to flourish in the mouth, as they use sugar to create plaque. For those living with diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels balanced at all times is important for the prevention of gum disease.

Sanford Dental Excellence offers comprehensive dental care for those contending with diabetes-related oral health complications. Our Sanford dental experts can help you learn how to prevent gum disease with good oral hygiene habits. For more information, call (407) 268-6409.

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Your Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

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Tooth loss may be permanent, but you don’t have to permanently endure an incomplete smile. Restorative dentistry treatment can help you once again eat, speak, and show off your smile with confidence. Whether you have suffered the loss of one tooth or several teeth, you can replace them quickly, safely, and comfortably with the help of your dentist.

Getting Dentures
Dentures have long been a popular solution for tooth loss. What makes dentures such a frequently requested treatment is their simplicity of use. All it takes is a bit of adhesive for dentures to affix firmly into place. They can also be taken out each night before bedtime. When fitted to the specifications of the your mouth, dentures can become stable replacements for natural teeth. If you are interested in getting dentures, it’s important to keep in mind that they require daily cleaning to prevent the buildup of plaque that could cause gum inflammation and a poor fit.

Receiving a Bridge
Perhaps you would rather not take out and clean your dental device each day. If you prefer a permanent tooth loss solution, you might be an ideal candidate for a dental bridge. Like dentures, bridges are constructed to resemble natural teeth and function like them. What makes bridges distinct from dentures, though, is their permanence. To assure the stability of your bridge, your dentist adheres them to the teeth on either side of your empty tooth sockets. Once glued into place, your bridge becomes a permanent part of your smile.

Undergoing Dental Implant Surgery
Dental implants are another permanent restorative dentistry option. The growing popularity of dental implants reflects their long-lasting benefits. In many ways, dental implants resemble natural teeth. The titanium implant acts as a tooth root to create stability for the rest of the structure. The crown looks and feels like a real tooth, making it indistinguishable from the natural teeth around it. Though dental implant surgery may take several weeks to complete, once finished, you can enjoy a restored smile for decades to come.

Would you like to learn more about your teeth replacement options? Then call Sanford Dental Excellence at (407) 268-6409 to schedule a consultation. If you live in the greater Lake Mary, Sanford, or Orlando area, we can help you decide on the restorative dentistry service that is right for you.

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The Importance of Brushing and Flossing

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How often do you brush and floss your teeth? This video explains the impact of good oral hygiene.

Your mouth houses millions of bacteria, which feed on the sugars in food. Together, they form plaque, a sticky substance that adheres to tooth enamel and causes both tooth decay and gum inflammation. However, brushing and flossing can minimize the presence of plaque. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day can remove bacteria and food debris from your teeth and gums and help you enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

Like brushing and flossing, going to a dentist at least twice a year is integral to your oral health. If you are due for your next cleaning, call Sanford Dental Excellence in Sanford at (407) 268-6409 to set up an appointment.

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What to Do About Your Dental Anxiety

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You know that regular dental cleanings are key to having a healthy smile. However, anxiety can be a powerful deterrent to doing what is best for your oral health. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you might be inadvertently putting yourself at risk for tooth decay and periodontal disease. Disregarding your dental checkups can lead to serious health issues, but by controlling your dental anxiety, you can avoid these problems.

Identify the Source
You get anxious about going to the dentist, but do you know why? Take a moment to consider the source of your dental anxiety. Does it perhaps stem from a painful procedure in the past? Maybe it centers more on not being able to see what the dentist is doing? Only once you understand why you become anxious when going to the dentist can you address the reason.

Practice Calming Techniques
You can prevent your dental anxiety before it starts. Prior to leaving for your appointment, you can implement calming techniques to ease your mind. For instance, slow and deliberate breathing is a common practice used to alleviate stressful emotions. Meditation and yoga are other activities that can soothe your anxiety. Some people find success with imagining themselves in a peaceful location, such as the mountains or beach. Experiment with different tactics to find out which one works best for you.

Talk to Your Dentist
Your dentist wants to not only ensure your best dental health, but also help you feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. To achieve that goal, he can use several sedation dentistry procedures. Some people respond well to oral medications that relax the body and mind. Other patients may require intravenous drugs to achieve a calm state. Before you begin treatment, tell your dentist about your dental anxiety. By understanding the nature of your concerns, he can recommend the sedation dentistry option best suited for your needs.

Don’t let dental anxiety get in the way of your oral health. Sanford Dental Excellence offers sedation dentistry services for our Lake Mary, Orlando, and Sanford patients. Call (407) 268-6409 for more information on how we can help you have an enjoyable dental experience.

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Potential Problems with Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth can erupt without complications. In many cases, though, the presence of third molars can lead to pain and infection.

This video describes the unwanted side effects of wisdom teeth. For one, wisdom teeth often erupt in spaces with little room. As a result, they can leave gaps in gum tissue that facilitate the growth of bacteria. Two, the presence of an infection can cause damage to the molars next to wisdom teeth. In both scenarios, poorly positioned wisdom teeth can produce pressure and pain. With the help of a dentist, though, you can quickly and comfortably undergo wisdom teeth extraction.

Are your wisdom teeth beginning to erupt? Call Sanford Dental Excellence at (407) 268-6409 to schedule a consultation with a dentist about our extraction services for Lake Mary residents.

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The Truth About Root Canals

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If your dentist has recommended a root canal, you may have fears and worries because of myths you’ve heard. Rest assured, though, that those myths are just that: myths. The truth about the procedure your dentist will perform should make you feel better. Here is what you need to know:

Root Canals Are Not Painful
Many people think root canals are one of the most painful things you can ever go through—right up there with childbirth and kidney stones. The truth, though, is that this procedure isn’t painful at all. In fact, after the root canal, you’ll probably feel better than you did immediately prior to it. Once the inflammation and infection is gone, the pain and pressure in the tooth is gone, too. Plus, thanks to sedation dentistry and good anesthesia, you won’t feel a thing while your dentist works.

Root Canals Are Preferred to Extraction
There is a school of thought that pulling diseased teeth is better than fixing them. That is not true. It is much better for your teeth, your mouth, and your oral health if your natural teeth stay in place. Root canals fix the problem of infection without sacrificing the tooth. You won’t have to worry about the look of your smile when your dentist repairs the tooth instead of pulling it.

Root Canals Don’t Make You Sick
An old myth is that removing the infected part of a tooth during a root canal would spread bacteria throughout the body, causing illness. When done properly, a root canal eliminates the bacteria in the infected tooth and prevents future problems. There is no scientific proof that a root canal spreads bacteria through the body, causes illness, or leads to diseases later in life. In fact, good oral health combined with having endodontic procedures when needed actually lead to better overall health.

Don’t be afraid of root canals. Your Sanford dentist can help you understand more about this procedure if you still have questions. To schedule an appointment with a Sanford Dental Excellence dentist, call our office at (407) 268-6409 and let us help you.

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Protect Your Teeth with a Sports Mouth Guard

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Your teeth are so very important. You must protect them as much as possible, especially while playing sports. At Sanford Dental Excellence, we offer custom mouth guards to prevent damage or injury to your teeth. These guards can keep you or your child from being one of the millions of people whose teeth are knocked out each year.

One benefit of mouth guards from your dentist, as opposed to the over the counter varieties is that they actually fit properly. The guards are comfortable and don’t disrupt breathing or speaking, so young athletes are more likely to wear them the entire time they play. Custom mouth guards can even help prevent concussions, making them all the more valuable.

In Sanford, let our dentist create a custom fitting mouth guard for you. Schedule an appointment for a cleaning, periodontal procedure, or guard fitting by calling Sanford Dental Excellence at (407) 268-6409.

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The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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Straight teeth are more than just cosmetic. There are health benefits that go along with having straight teeth that are properly aligned. Your dentist may recommend several options for getting straighter teeth, including the six month smiles program. Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting your teeth in line:

Less Plaque
When your teeth are lined up properly, you can brush and floss better. Better access to the tooth surfaces mean you can clean them easier, leading to less plaque. Your dentist will also have an easier time giving you a professional cleaning.

Healthier Gums
Because flossing is easier with straight teeth, your gums will be healthier. Proper flossing prevents gum disease and gingivitis, and helps keep your mouth healthy. Keeping your gums healthy also helps prevent tooth loss, which in turn can help prevent bone loss or other problems associated with missing teeth. You’ll even have an easier time maintaining fresh breath!

Heart and Head Health
Gum disease is linked to heart disease, strokes, pneumonia, and diabetes. When your teeth are straight and clean, you won’t have to worry as much about developing these diseases. Even if your main concern is cosmetic, you’ll reap amazing health benefits from straighter teeth. Since something as simple as realigning teeth means serious health conditions can be prevented, why not consider the six month smiles cosmetic braces system?

Psychological Health
Having a crooked smile can lead to psychological problems. You may experience lessened confidence, decreased self-esteem, and even depression. Fixing the problem reduces or even eliminates these health problems. Straight teeth impact your oral health, emotional health, and overall health.

In Sanford, trust the dental staff at Sanford Dental Excellence. Our dentist offers cleanings, periodontal care, and sedation dentistry to give you the best oral health possible. We serve the Lake Mary and Orlando areas, so no matter where you are, we can help you. To schedule an appointment for a cleaning or to get started on the path to straighter teeth, call our office at (407) 268-6409.

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